Ⅱ. Programs for Professional Development Facilitators

NITS offers programs for individuals who are responsible in developing, coordinating and delivering professional development programs for inservice teachers at their local boards of education. NITS also provides a training program for mentor teachers who are responsible for carrying out both effective and meaningful in-school training. Five umbrella themes are set for this program, and each theme has 19 specific courses.

School Administration and Management

  1. Program for School Administration Facilitators
  2. Program for Curriculum Management Facilitators

Counseling and Guidance

  1. Program for Student Guidance Facilitators
  2. Program for Student Counseling Facilitators
  3. Prevention and Response to Misconduct and School Violence

Schools in Globalizing Society

  1. Program for Japanese Language Instruction for Non-Native Speakers.
  2. Program for Foreign Language Instruction for Primary School Teaching
  3. Induction Program for Assistant Language Teachers
  4. Study Abroad Program for English Language Teachers

Fitness and Health Program

  1. Program for Fitness Improvement Facilitators
  2. Program for Health Education Facilitators
  3. Program for Dietary Education Facilitators
  4. Program for School Safety

Emergent Issues in School Education

  1. Program for Communication Activity Facilitators
  2. Program for Moral Education Program Facilitators
  3. Program for Instructional ICT Facilitators
  4. Program for Human Rights Education Program Facilitators
  5. Program for Career Education Program Facilitators
  6. Program for Early Childhood Education Program Facilitators