Ⅴ. Advisory Services for Local In-Service Training Providers

Besides offering advice for local in-service training providers, NITS develops and provides resources for teachers to do self-training both in schools and at the convenience of their home.

  1. Provides online resources for Self-Development Activities
  2. Provides online community for teachers to exchange their ideas and tips.
  3. Sends training information and Commentary on Latest Educational Policies through mail-magazine.
  4. Provides assistance in development of In-Service Training Curriculum
  5. Trains professional development facilitators to design and deliver inservice training for the implementation of active learning practices.
  6. Provides information on specialists and lecturers
  7. Dispatches NITS Officers as Lecturers to Training Programs carried out by Local Public Bodies
  8. Provides Information Gathering and Accumulation on INSET organized by Local Public Bodies
  9. Surveys Teacher Training Institutions such as Education Centers attached to Boards of Education
  10. Offers Training Facilities and Equipment
  11. Provides Consulting Service on In-Service Teacher Training